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For the Ladies (Your Comments)



The power of 12 concept comes straight from Jesus Christ himself. We know that Jesus Chose 12 men (Apostles) who would carry his gospel message to the world and these men Turned the world upside down.

These apostles would make disciples of all nations.  We know that The kingdom principle is based on exponential growth. So, if 12 reach 12, who reach another 12 Pretty soon the world will be reached.

This is the concept we want to use to reach every girl, young lady and woman. We want to take What Jesus did and do even greater works.


Mission Statement

Proverbs 27: 17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

What are your feelings about our girls and young ladies of this age? Do you want to have a part in?

Providing guidance, help and support to them. Do you see them struggling, being used and taken advantage of?

Do you see them being devalued?  Don’t you want to pour into them the love and Wisdom they so desperately deserve?


This is the Mission of this Movement

To groom girls, Young women and all women into becoming who God has created them to be.

To teach them how to stop comparing themselves to the next person.

To teach them their value and worth.

To introduce them to new individual standards of living that will carry them through their lives and help them achieve their purpose and goals; standards the will out-last their life time.

Once they know this they will excel and teach the next generation and they will teach the next generation and the legacy will continue.  We are overdue, time is far spent, we are in the last lap of the race. Let us begin right now!