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About Us

UFBN (United Fellowship Broadcasting Network) was established for the purpose of providing various media sources, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, Christian Music that Ministers to the Spirit of Man and the Life of Living in the Kingdom of God with you by audio and video.

UFBN is a ministry that is supported by your gifts, donations and pledges which all go to the operation of our Media Ministry Network. Our staff, workers and helpers, all volunteer their quality time to make our Network (UFBN) one of the best Christian Media Networks in the world. We say in the world because our Broadcasting Network is available world-wide to many different countries.

UFBN also shares media opportunities with Fellow Pastors to provide them with opportunities for broadcasting, so that many of their messages are also heard by as many people that we reach on a regular bases. We also provide media equipment for local streaming and playback for many of our live and pre-recorded broadcasts.

UFBN also produces and promotes many other types of Christian Based Programming and we also sponsor various types of events that are also Christian orientated.

UFBN provides you with a variety of Christian Programming. Our Programming includes Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God from our establishing Pastors as well as our fellow Pastors. Praise in Worship, Christian Music, Events for Children, Youth, Young Adults, Middle Adults and Seniors. UFBN also provides News and World Events.

It is a blessing, privilege and honor for us to serve you in this area of multi-media as we reach out to bring in people into the Kingdom of God. We would be grateful for any financial support that you would share with us as we continue to share with others all over the world.