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In His Image / Likeness

Genesis 1:26 / Then God said,  Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; KJV


What is the Difference between Image and Likeness?


Because (Image) emphasizes man’s close similarity to God, while (Likeness) stresses that this similarity is not

God is Spirit and Man who is Human (Flesh & Blood) can embody some of the same attributes of God (Communication, Reason, Intellect, Will, Emotion, Feeling).

In fact before man fell, in the moral sense, he was (Exactly Like, But Not) God because he was good and sinless. The
Image of God is not a reference to God’s physical appearance, but it refers to His Person-hood or Self-conscious Being concept.

Man was created in a natural and moral likeness to God. When man sinned, he lost the moral likeness, which was his sinless-ness. But at the same time, he still retains the natural likeness of intellect, emotions, and will Like God.

The moral likeness is presently being formed (Reformed) in every believer who allows God’s Spirit to conform him to the (Image of God’s Son) by His Spirit.


Pastor Paul Richardson